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CEC provides a variety of nondestructive testing (NDT) services for welding inspections,

including tests on structural steel, piping and pressure vessels, and reinforcing steel and equipment.

Our procedures are qualified in accordance with guidelines set by ASME and ASTM as well as all other

relevant national standards. Our personnel is qualified in accordance with ASNT-TCIA.

Steel Nondestructive Methodology

CEC offers a variety of steel nondestructive tests. Testing procedures use ultrasonic, magnetic particle, penetrant, and visual methodologies.

CEC provides welding inspection and testing in conformance to ASME requirements. 
- Wall Thickness: Piping and other steel members

Concrete Nondestructive Methodology

CEC examines and evaluates concrete strength and other properties using a variety of nondestructive techniques and equipment including
- Sonic Examination (V Meter)
- Magnetic Field Examination (R Meter)
- Schmidt Hammer
- Penetration Resistance Examination (Windsor)
- Bond Testing of Concrete Overlays

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