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Structural Steel

To assure the structural integrity of steel, a particularly high quality of inspection and testing is required. CEC offers clients all possible steel testing requirements. CEC has American Welding Society (AWS) certified level 2 UT technicians. CEC checks the following factors:

High-Strength bolted connections

Verify proper tensioning for conformance with AISC standards.

Welding inspection and tests

Conduct nondestructive testing for conformance to AWS standards, including: ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, and penetrant testing. 


Assure proper location, including elevation and alignment, for conformance with AISC tolerances.

Bolt torque testing

Performed on structural steel connections insuring that the bolts are adequately tightened. 

Fabrication Plant Verification 

CEC provides the IBC required visit to verify the steel fabricators method of construction. This visit is only required one time per project per steel provider, not required per heat.