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Construction Engineering Consultants offers developmental summer internships.  Interns will have many opportunities to get a hands on experience in our laboratory.  They will work with engineers and lab technicians who will train and educate them on various tests performed in our material testing lab. 


The majority of focus on first year interns applies to soil testing.  Civil Engineer candidates can anticipate learning a myriad of tests which include, but is not limited to: LA Abrasion test per ASTM C 131, Particle size distribution - Hydrometer analysis per ASTM D7928, Sieve analysis of fine and course aggregates per ASTM C136, specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregate as per ASTM 128, Proctor Compaction test as per ASTM D1557 and ASTM D698.


The knowledge gained through a summer internship can prove to be valuable for a future career in the civil construction field.  Learning to read and understand soil characteristics and how they impact construction is a great basis for many different aspects of the civil field. 


Students who have previously completed the internship later relayed the impacts the knowledge had on them.  They discussed a greater ease in taking soil courses after gaining this background, remarking on improved understanding of soil work on a construction site, as well as laboratory requirements for sampling. 


Those students who seek a second year of internship will gain a greater knowledge of ground improvements and the tests involved as well as CEC's role in concrete testing. 


All interested students should apply below: 

Students Interested in Internship Opportunities

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