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Concrete Testing

CEC offers clients comprehensive concrete testing including on-site materials testing, onsite placement inspection and engineering support. Our engineers and technicians have been trained to ensure that every necessary requirement for structural and architectural concrete be met. Our principle services include:

Batch plant Inspection

CEC provides concrete batch plant inspection and certification to ASTM C-94 standards.

During a concrete pour, CEC offers the following tests:  ASTM C31 Specimens, ASTM C138 Unit Weight, ASTM C143 Slump, ASTM C172 Sampling, ASTM C231 Air Pressure, ASTM C173 Air Volume, ASTM C1064 Temperature. 

For cured concrete pours, CEC offers measurement of floor flatness and levelness values in accordance with ASTM E1155, as well as the measurement of moisture vapor emission per ASTM F1869 and in-place relative humidity per ASTM F2170.

Concrete Field Testing

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